giovedì 24 maggio 2012

HEMINA - Syntethic (2012)

HEMINA "Synthetic" (Nightmare Records) 
Rating: 90/100

Haling from Sydney (Australia), Hemina consists of Douglas Skene (vc, gt, keyb), Mitch Coull (gt, vc), Andrew Craig (dr), Jessica Martin (bs, vc) and Phill Eltakchi (keyb, vc), and they perform an intriguing mix of prog metal with Dream Theater and Ayreon among most evident comparisons, but songwriting shows also unexpected links to Echolyn and even Pink Floyd in their most symphonic moments, the whole offered with a cinematographic attitude.
Eleven songs and more than 79

mercoledì 23 maggio 2012

HARDLINE - Danger Zone (2012)

HARDLINE "Danger Zone" (Frontiers Records)
rating: 90/100

Twenty years ago, Johnny and Joey Gioeli's sister let them meet Neal Schon (Journey) and the latter became aware of Gioeli's bros music dream. In a short time he was producer and guitar player of their wonderful debut album "Double Eclipse".
But the grunge storm arrived soon and their wishes turned to ashes so only in year 2002 Johnny and Joey reformed the band publishing a new album pretty average compared to "Double Eclipse", so Joey left the band which later recorded a live and a studio album ("Leaving The End Open", 2009), then Johnny called brand new musicians.